It’s been a few years since I created my minimalist wardrobe and I don’t want to change it. When I say “minimalist”, I do not mean to say that I have reduced it to the bare minimum. Precisely, I think that the big mistake of minimalist beginners is to create a wardrobe too purified. This seems to be a satisfactory solution at first, but after a while, you may regret what you have given out or sold. So, the good advice is to prepare the clothes that we know we will wear, that fit us well, that adapt to all situations. On the other hand, it is essential to keep “unique” pieces. Cocktail dresses or elegant shoes that you will never wear on a daily basis. The “minimalist” wardrobe concept is supposed to make our lives easier, teach us how to wear well-sewn and cut pieces, but that doesn’t mean forgetting the opportunities to wear something beyond our “comfort zone”. For my part, I kept my collection of small black dresses, stilettos, bags and Hermès scarves. That way, if I have a party or a more «elegant» event, I always have something to wear.

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And here’s a list of questions you ask yourself before creating your minimalist wardrobe:

1. Aren’t people gonna notice and/or criticize me?

The first thing we think about is the eyes of others – especially those of our close ones and colleagues. We wonder if they won’t criticize us or mock us behind our backs. I can tell you about my experience and the testimonies I have read in different blogs and the answer to all these questions is: no! Quite the contrary. Indeed, by favouring clothes that fit us well, in which we feel comfortable, that are well cut and well adjusted, we are more graceful in our movements. We have more confidence in ourselves. Moreover, we can mix the elements to infinity. Project 333 – a project taken up by quite a few people around the world – consists of choosing 30 pieces from one’s wardrobe (not including jewellery) shows that it is possible to assemble them in an original way for 3 months without having to wear one outfit twice.

2. Will I look professional?

The short answer is yes. In our minimalist collection, we prefer comfortable and well-cut clothing. With this kind of clothing, we look much more professional than when we wear uncomfortable clothes, even if they are fashionable. We will not lie to each other, we all wore a blouse to work only for its beauty, even if the synthetic material oppressed us. The same goes for pants that squeeze our bellies, only because they give us a beautiful standing figure. The same goes for the shoes that make our feet bleed, just because they are elegant. A person who wears an uncomfortable garment, a garment that tightens or hurts him always loses his professional image. And even if, by chance, we manage to preserve our image, we lose our intellectual abilities, because our brain is concerned about our discomfort. Thus, a well-chosen minimalist wardrobe will give us the look and feel more professional than all the fashionable clothes in our possession.

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3. Won’t I look tired?

Quite the contrary. The minimalist wardrobe allows us to sleep longer, because in the morning we don’t have to try on 10 outfits before deciding what to wear. Or wasting our time shopping during the day. Moreover, wearing comfortable clothes makes our days enjoyable. We do not go home in tears because of our shoes that made us bleed. Being minimalist and not spending money on clothing gives you the time and means to take care of your body – we can go more often to the hairdresser, buy nice cosmetics and do facial and body care.

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4. Isn’t that gonna depress or bore me?

Every person who chooses to live with a minimalist wardrobe gains in living comfort. The brain is freed from various pressures such as: what to wear? How to be more original? How do I wear clothes and follow trends? It offers a lot of time and extra energy on a daily basis. We become more creative in our lives. We have time to look at other things. All major creators and entrepreneurs often wear their own personalized “uniform”. They all say they don’t like to think about what to put every day. It allows them to focus on much more important things. Even Barack Obama says he only wears suits of two colours to save time, not add extra stress and use his brain for things that matter. My advice for not getting bored is to keep 2 or 3 pieces more «original» that fit us well, but that we rarely wear. From time to time, if we are in a good mood and want to change our look a little, these pieces will be our ally.

5. Am I gonna feel bad about myself?

First of all, for our minimalist wardrobe, we only choose our most beautiful, comfortable and best-cut clothes. We will therefore necessarily feel good in their company. Secondly, you now have the time and means to take care of your body. Besides, you sleep well and you’re not late anywhere anymore. But the most surprising point is the fact that this type of wardrobe gives us so much pleasure that people come to compliment us for our style. In addition, we often discover that we have our own style. And this frees us from pressure to follow trends. This frees us from the pressure of buying fashion magazines, following fashionista accounts on Instagram… which eliminates the pressure that the fashion and beauty industry exerts on us on a daily basis. By ignoring these images of mannequins we no longer compare ourselves to the standards of beauty impossible to achieve. This is the maximum well-being that a woman need ;).

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6. Won’t my clothes get damaged too quickly?

Indeed, if we go from 30 to 5 t-shirts, we can believe that by wearing them more often, we will damage them. But the good thing about minimalism is that you also learn to take better care of your clothes. This is surprising, but all of a sudden, we want our clothes to serve us for a long time, so we offer them a «luxury» treatment: hand wash or with a delicate cycle, no drying machine, flat drying or drying on hangers. Personally, I have discovered how a good garment care lengthens its beauty. Ah, and some things get a lot nicer when they’re worn out. I have a pair of shoes that I took for the Burning Man Festival – 10 days in the desert and they took on an extraordinary charm.

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