I discovered minimalism by accident. There was a time in my life when I felt like I was overwhelmed by the objects around me. I felt like I was spending half my free time organizing them. My contact with minimalism began with my wardrobe. In my closet, what bothered me the most was that as soon as I looked for something, I had to move 10 more stuffs. Half of them often fell to the ground – sometimes on my head. At this point, I did not yet know that the decision to clean my closet would open the door to a more peaceful and fulfilling life. From then on, I began to apply minimalisme in my personal life and at home.

1) I’m no longer late

I never knew what to wear. Our problem, girls, is not that we have nothing to wear… but we have too many “parasite” clothes. Our closets are full of things that don’t fit us at all – not the right color, too small, too big, too uncomfortable, etc. Obviously, we want to be original. We have so many clothes, we want to wear them all. So, every time we dress, we try several outfits and try to combine things together… And nothing fits us.

Finally, when we’re almost late for work, we put on what we like most. In my case, it was often jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket… It’s a winning combo. I feel comfortable and this outfit is suitable for almost every situation. Ah, by the way, it’s easier to run in it, because you have to remember that we’re already late for work. Ever since I got rid of all the «Parasite Clothes» and created my minimalist wardrobe, not only do I always feel comfortable in my clothes, but I’m never late again. Everything I put on me is like a second skin. There are no more endless fitting sessions. In the morning, I get dressed in 5 minutes and I’m ready to go.

2) No unnecessary stress

At some point in my life, too much was happening: My life was turned upside down, so I decided to remove all the additional sources of stress. This daily “fashion review” before going to work was actually a big source of tension. Not to mention the mess that goes with it and all the clothes that fall to the ground. So I made a selection of clothes in which I felt really good. I just wanted to feel comfortable, but chic. It ended with the choice of a dozen clothes. I assure you that thanks to two pairs of jeans, several t-shirts, two jackets, two sweaters and two-three pairs of shoes, we can shape a look for 2-3 months without fear that anyone will notice. Not only did I feel completely comfortable in what I was wearing, but I didn’t waste any more time and energy with useless things… Like, for example, trying for the tenth time on a dress and finding out, “No, it still doesn’t fit!” Ah, I can share with you the secret of fashion designers: if you want clothes to be elegant and chic, become a close friend of your iron and feel free to use it frequently, don’t be afraid to abuse it

3) I created my own style

I admit that the decision to combine only a few clothes has stressed me a little. I was afraid that people would realize that I was always wearing the same things. In reality, nobody noticed anything. On the contrary, my style was complimented. To complete my look, I wore discreet jewellery, lipstick and I always had well-groomed hair. My hair is a “living being” that I can’t control, so I can’t talk about “well-styled” hair. Also, as it is always chaotic on my head, I am at least careful that they are healthy and shiny. And it was easy! Suddenly I realized that I had created my own style… What makes us charming is not what we wear, it’s our attitude – and also a friendly and smiling face. I realized that having style is not trying to look like images created by fashion magazines. To have style is to feel good in our clothes and in our body. And it is liberating to no longer be «the slave» of «trends».

4) The awakening of ecological awareness

My change of wardrobe and subsequent closet cleaning opened my eyes to the pollution created by the clothing industry. The biggest horror in sorting my clothes was realizing that one day they will end up in the trash… Knowing that my little person – ok, not so little, I’m 6 feet tall – can create so much pollution has given me shivers… And most importantly, I figured I didn’t even need more than half of those articles. I just bought them to improve my mood for a few moments. I decided that from now on I would be more aware of my choices. But this will be discussed in another post! Now I will guide you: how to clean the closet…

What about you? Have you ever tried a minimaliste wardrobe? What is your experience? Feel free to leave your comments.

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